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Your Trash is always clean
(and its contents preserved)


As soon as you put something to the Trash, TrashMagic copies its contents in a Cache and empty the Trash automatically. You have nothing to worry about, and your Trash is still clean. It's magic! You just have to activate the protection of TrashMagic.

The data are kept in the cache for the duration you have chosen, 1 day, 15 days, two months, etc.

At any time, you can open TrashMagic to see and retrieve what had been put in the Trash.

The TrashMagic window displays the days of the Cache and, for each day, the items that were moved from the Trash.

You can drag and drop one or more of these items to any location on your disk (to retrieve it) or directly to an application icon (to open and display it).


What compared to a backup tool or Time Machine?

TrashMagic keeps a copy immediately, while Time Machine executes a backup every hour. Any data you receive or modify, and delete between two backups are not saved. Items that are excluded from the backups are also not saved. TrashMagic can recover these data.

WARNING! You can not recover the data that you have thrown in the Trash if TrashMagic was not installed before you emptied the Trash and deleted the data.
In this case, use
Data Rescue to recover your data.

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