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Posted on 10/02/08 3:28:09 PM
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Remote Control
I just pre-paid for the Tri-BackUp Pro 5 because I think you guys make the best Mac BackUp software available. I downloaded the Beta (5) and was interested in the Remote Control functions. The way it looks, Remote Control only works when you have two licenses. Is this correct?

Also, When I opened the Remote Control window, it gave me a dialog window stating that I need a Pro version, which I already have. I assume this is due to the Beta status. Am I also correct about that?

Thanks, I can not wait until the finished product arrives.

Posted on 11/02/08 08:38:43 AM
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Re: Remote Control
Remote Control only needs a licence of Pro version for each version that control other machines. If you need to control from one Mac, you need one licence. The Macs that are controlled can have either a Pro or a Normal licence.

Actually, this function is not available, and displays the same dialog for Normal and Pro versions (askings for a Pro licence).

Thierry Rolland


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